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Rates & Charges


If you are interested in our online services, it is best to first review our Advertising Packages because you get the best value for your money. Our printed Hard Copy Ads expires within one calender year. Please contact any of our representatives or regional managers in your area for the Hard Copy directory Ad specifications and distribution locations. Depending on your requirement, the cost of business services may vary, but some are one time fees. Additional rates are calculated on per Ad and listing basis. You can download and complete the relevant application forms and agreements from your account section if you are interested in any of our business services. Note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Affiliate Professional Kit (Advance Level)
Affiliate Promo/Network Materials
Affiliate Starter Kit (Entry Level)
Plain T-Shirts (V-Shape or Round Neck) $10.00 USD
Advertisers Application Form (Booklet) $8.00 USD
Advertising Questionnaire/Survey Card $3.00 USD
Affiliate Application Form (Booklet) $8.00 USD
Company Logo Tag $3.00 USD
Hats/Visors (Unisex) $10.00 USD
Our Rates/Price Sheet $3.00 USD
Personalized Business Cards $50.00 USD
Polo/Golf T-Shirt $15.00 USD
Presentation File Folders $6.00 USD
System Access Package (Receive Identity Codes & Login Info) $55.00 USD
The Affiliate Marketing Manual $6.00 USD
The Sample Marketing Business Directory $10.00 USD
Afro India Trade Magazine Ads (Quarterly Billing)
1/3 Third Page (140 mm X 210 mm) Bleed $3775.00 USD
1/4 Quarter Page (140 mm x 210 mm) Bleed $1439.00 USD
Back Cover (280 mm x 210 mm) Bleed $6500.00 USD
Full Page (280 mm x 210 mm) Bleed $3375.00 USD
Half Page (140 mm x 210 mm) Bleed $1950.00 USD
Inside Cover Back/Front Page (280 mm x 210 mm) Bleed $4200.00 USD
Corporate Services (One-Time Payment)
Company Identity Card (For Discount/Customer Loyalty & Referral Participation). $8.00 USD
Company Registration $1000.00 USD
Corporate Seal $60.00 USD
International Phone Cards $5.00 USD
Merchant Account Referral Service $250.00 USD
New Bank Account Opening Referral Service $150.00 USD
Offshore Company Formation (Canada, USA, UK, Belize, Cyprus etc.) $2500.00 USD
Script Write Up (Word Count & Pages) $150.00 USD
Slogan Creation (3 Options Only) $100.00 USD
Trademark Name Search (USA, Canada, Europe) $750.00 USD
Trademark Registration (Canada, USA, Europe, etc) $6000.00 USD
Graphic Designs (One-Time Billing)
Book Cover Design $450.00 USD
Brochure Design $450.00 USD
Business Card Design $30.00 USD
Calendar Design $450.00 USD
Company Logo Design $250.00 USD
Flyer Design & Layout $150.00 USD
Invitation & Post Cards Design $450.00 USD
Poster Design $450.00 USD
Publication Art Work Design $100.00 USD
Web Banner Design $60.00 USD
Hard Copy Printed Business Directory (Yearly Billing)
1/4 Quarter Page (Black Color Only) $800.00 USD
1/4 Quarter Page (Full Color Glossy Paper) $2500.00 USD
1/4 Quarter Page (Three Colors Only) $900.00 USD
1/4 Quarter Page Package Deal (Full Color Glossy,Web Listing & Banner Ads) $2750.00 USD
1/8 Page Biz Card (Full Color Glossy Paper) $650.00 USD
1/8 Page Biz Card Size ( Black Color Only) $550.00 USD
1/8 Page Biz Card Size (Three Colors Only) $600.00 USD
1/8 Page Package Deal (Full Color Glossy, Web listing & Banner Ads $930.00 USD
Full Page (Three Colors Only) $3200.00 USD
Full Page (Black Color Only) $2200.00 USD
Full Page (Full Color Glossy) $5500.00 USD
Full Page Package Deal (Full Color Glossy, Web Listing & Banner Ads Included) $5700.00 USD
Half Page (Black Color Only) $1400.00 USD
Half Page (Full Color Glossy Paper) $3800.00 USD
Half Page (Three Colors Only) $2100.00 USD
Half Page Package Deal (Full Color Glossy, Web Listing & Banner Ads Included) $4000.00 USD
Hard Copy Basic Listing (Biz Name, Address, Contact info) $85.00 USD
Newsletter Ads: Events and Promo
One Article and Image $25.00 USD
One Article: Includes Image and Link to Your Website $35.00 USD
Six Articles with Images and Links: Full Page $190.00 USD
Three Articles: Includes Images and Links $135.00 USD
Two Articles and Images $45.00 USD
Two Articles: Includes Images and Links $65.00 USD
Web Advertising Rates (Yearly Billing)
Basic Directory Listing (Biz Name, Address & Contact Info) $30.00 USD
Consumer Adverts Package $119.40 USD
Corporate Adverts Package $999.00 USD
Entrepreneur Adverts Package $359.40 USD
Full Profile Directory Listing (Upload Logo, Images & Direct Link to Your Website) $72.00 USD
Post Buy & Sell Merchandise Ads $50.00 USD
Post Buy & Sell Real Estate Ads $85.00 USD
Post Events, Concerts, & Seminar Ads $50.00 USD
Post Home Page Rotating Banner (Size:189 X 114 pixels) $300.00 USD
Post Rent & Lease Real Estate Ads $85.00 USD
Post Resume, CV & Job Vacancies Ads $35.00 USD
System Access Package (Issuance of Identity Code, Login info & VIP Card) $55.00 USD
Web Design (One-Time Billing)
Advance Website (PHP, ASP.NET, Flash Images) $1500.00 USD
Basic Website (3-7 pages) $600.00 USD
Customized Advance Interactive (Database Programming, Automation). $15000.00 USD
Customized Interactive Website (With Database & Flash Images) $8000.00 USD
Database Website PHP, ASP.NET (With Flash & Images) $4800.00 USD
Ecommerce (Online Shopping Cart with Database) $5500.00 USD
Web Design (Basic Package/Brochure Site) $950.00 USD
Web Services (Yearly Billing)
Domain Name Registration (.com, .net, etc) $35.00 USD
Internet Marketing (SEO, Submission & Placement Per Domain. Guaranteed Top Listings in Yahoo, Google, etc) $6500.00 USD
Web Site Hosting (Basic Package) $240.00 USD
Website Hosting (Advance Package) $850.00 USD
Website Maintenance (Basic Changes) $700.00 USD
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