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Strategic Marketing Partnership Established With Visafone
  Sunday, September 21, 2008   - The News

Afro Gold Pages Limited recently launched its Phonelink Group Network in strategic marketing partnershiip with Visafone Communications Limited, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria.

Its corporate account was opened last week after numerous meetings with staff and top management of Visafone including Mr. Larry Nwachukwu, Mr. Clifford Onyeike, AGM Marketing & Strategy and Mr. Adebiyi Mabadeje, Head Corporate Sales.

Representatives of both companies believe that with the introduction of the Phonelink Group Network, both individuals and corporate entities who are members of the Afro Gold Pages affiliate network can enjoy additional benefits and rewards. Incorporating the Phonelink membership into the advertising and network marketing program will definitely increase sales and mobile phone subscribers for Visafone while attracting and encouraging active participation in Afro Gold Pages referral program.

"Our goal for the year 2009 is to invite at least 500, 000 mobile phone users to join our business and individual membership program to enjoy unlimited talk time when calling those within the group" says Frank Urefe, the CEO and Managing Director of Afro Gold Pages Limited, Nigeria.

While this marketing partnership will drastically reduce communication cost among members, it provides a forum where entrepreneurs and business managers and executives can expose and advertise their products and services to the public on our web interface.

To join the network, simply pick up a Visafone handset and complete our online application form, select phonelink membership as one of the advertising packages and make payment at the nearest Zenith Bank or UBA branch nationwide. Why pay to talk when you can get it for free. We will become the only company that pay you to introduce your frequent callers while enjoying unlimited talk time. Also, do not forget to ask for a debit or exchange card from the bank where your referral commission will be paid monthly.
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