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Business Description : The African Vibes FM web site has been established as a vehicle to serve the Afro-Caribbean community in British Columbia, Canada. The web site is the brain child of Victor Obosi, the producer/host of the well-known African Vibes radio program.
Specialty (ies) : Entertainment, Radio, African Music
Address :
3333 Kingsway Avenue
Vancouver - V5R 5K6
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 1-778-865-2767 : 1-778-865-2767
Fax : 1-778-865-2767 : 1-778-865-2767
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : Dennis 'D' stage name for Dennis Omo Aigbekaen is the original creative inspiration behind 'BLACKROOT'.
Born and raised in Benin City,Nigeria, Dennis migrated to Canada in 1990. After becoming a Canadian citizen in 1993, Dennis produced "NATION ROB NATION', his first album. Originally distributed by spinner,released in 1993.

Specialty (ies) : Reggae Music, Live Band, DJ services and many more...
Address :
104- 9310 King George Hwy
Suurey - V3V 5W3
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-951-1381 : 604-951-1381
Fax : 604-9511382 : 604-9511382
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : Originally from Cameroon, Jacky Essombe grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver. She has toured in Canada, the United States and Europe with major recording artists and has appeared on television and radio in Canada and France. She currently hosts a weekly television show on the French TV channel.
A true ambassador of the African culture, Jacky's passion for her culture inspired her to become a professional dancer, dance teacher, storyteller, trainer and speaker and a TV and radio show host. She uses dance as a medium to express life to its fullest and also as a journey to a higher level of consciousness.
As a dance instructor and workshop presenter, she gives more than just a dance lesson; she offers the experience of openness to the self through movement and body awareness, and a true cultural experience. Over the last five years, Jacky has been presenting the African Healing Dance Workshop for Women throughout BC, as well as helping people with all body shapes and fitness experience reach their fitness goals with her increasingly popular Afro'Robics classes.
She loves to share the traditions, history and culture of Africa, and the wisdom of her ancestors, and she truly believes that the Western world can benefit from the African traditional wisdom.
Specialty (ies) : Dance
Address :
192 West 47th avenue
Vancouver - BC
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 1-604- 879 3099 : 1-604- 879 3099
Fax : 1-604- 879 3099 : 1-604- 879 3099
Email : :
Website : :

Joe Amouzou and The Safari League

Business Description : Joe Amouzou's latest album 'Mist of Charms' weaves together traditional African and World music with contemporary styles such as Soul and R&B. To Joe, the album is the realization of a long standing dream which in turn reflects his African roots. In creating this album, he moves between various African styles; the song "Djonkey" is a powerfully energetic "Gazo" rhythm from Togo West Africa; "Sentiment" is what he calls his "Togo Blues;" and "Koko Song" is a beat-driven West African Highlife rhythm similar to the Caribbean "Soca." Reflecting the musical African Diaspora, Joe then moves into a reggae vibe with the song "Guilty" (which has also been made into a music video) and an Old School/R&B flavoured track, "Nature of The Beast." It is obvious that Joe Amouzou appreciates world music culture, as the sounds of the Tabla, Doom-Doom and traditional African Bell can also be heard. The album 'Mist of Charms' features world-class musicians, one being Denis Ziebart on Hammond Organ, Triton Synth & Steinway Grand.
Specialty (ies) : Music, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Gospel
Address :
32-2736 Atlin Place
Coquitlam - V3G 5T2
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-468-7203 : 604-468-7203
Fax : 604-468-7203 : 604-468-7203
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : We are a full service entertainment company based in the Greater Vancouver, BC area as well as overseas in Lagos, Nigeria.
Motombo Productions offers everything you need to make your event a success.
We have very high standards. Our main goal is to create a fun and relaxing environment for you and your guests, making any of our events or parties a lasting memory.
We pride ourselves on keeping our music library up to date with the changing times. We offer a wide range of party music from the 80's to the most recent radio hits that appeal to every age group and style of music.
We also thrive on multicultural events within the African Canadian community, bringing together all people of African Heritage, from the Caribbean, Africa, and North America.
Specialty (ies) : Entertainment, Events, African Music, DJ
Address :
Motombo Productions Inc.
Great Vancouver Area

Vancouver -
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604) 722-5057 : 604) 722-5057
Fax : 604) 722-5057 : 604) 722-5057
Email : :
Website : :
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