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Business Description : In 1921, under the leadership of Rev. George Hart, the Calvary Church was incorporated by the State of Utah. Between 1924 and 1954, Calvary had eight pastors. In 1951, the Articles of Incorporation were revised and approved by the membership. The Rev. William I. Monroe served as pastor of Calvary from 1954 to 1967. During his tenure, the church made great strides in terms of its membership and financial condition. On November 3, 1966 the Calvary congregation joyfully marched from their former worship place at Third South and Seventh East to the building presently occupied at 532 East Seventh South. Special services culminated the activities of this day. In 1974, Rev France A. Davis was installed as pastor of Calvary. Pastor Davis has served the congregation for a longer period that n any of his predecessors. During his tenure, Calvary has continued her ongoing mission. Rev Davis and the Calvary congregation constructed Calvary Towers, a low income senior citizen housing complex adjacent to the church on July 30, 1989. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church continues to serve the spiritual and secular needs of many of Salt Lake City's community. While predominantly African-American in membership, fellowship is offered to anyone who seeks membership.
Specialty (ies) : Prayer, Worship and Praise
Address :
1090 South State Street
Salt Lake City - 84111
Utah, United States
Phone :  1-801- 355-1025 : 1-801- 355-1025
Fax :  1-801-355-1019 : 1-801-355-1019
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : Calvary Worship Centre is a non-denominational church, international in attendance, biblical in its message, vibrant in its worship, focused in its commitment to prayer, genuine in its fellowship, and committed in its service to all ages from all walks of life.
Calvary Worship Centre was established through the ministry of Dr. Sam Owusu and his wife Rosemond. We held our first service on June 7, 1992 with four people in attendance. Since then the church has grown to become a cutting-edge ministry representing over forty-five nations from all continents. We have found knowing Jesus personally and carrying on His ministry provides daily peace and fulfillment even in difficult times.

Specialty (ies) : Bibble teachings, Fellowship, Prayer, Worship, Giving, Gods miraculous signs, Evangelism and Missions
Address :
260 12th St
New Westminster - V3M 4H2
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-526-1313 : 604-526-1313
Fax : 604-526-1316 : 604-526-1316
Email : :
Website : :

Liberty House of Worship

Business Description :
Liberty House of Worship is intentionally multi-cultural in nature and unified in nurture.

We are a House of prayer and worship for all people from all walks of life. If you look around our church family you’ll see people from diverse backgrounds called to share in One Faith, One God and in One Baptism through Christ Jesus, our Lord. We understand how to celebrate our uniqueness as we also cultivate unity in our diversity through Christ's finished work of reconciling us all to the Father.
Here at Liberty House ‘It’s all about Christ” : what He wants us to be and do. So, no matter what you are or where you’re coming from you can be sure that there is room for you at Liberty House: there is hope and help for you, your loved ones and all.

Our Liberty family waits to welcome you in a loving Child friendly and matured cross-cultural environment. We are called to proclaim hope to Homes and you are welcome to be part.

At Liberty House we care because Jesus always does for us!

Specialty (ies) : Prayers, Praise and Worship, Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism
Address :
8271 Ross St.
Vancouver - V5X 4W1
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-325-6322 : 604-325-6322
Fax : 604-325-6322 : 604-325-6322
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : Welcome to Love Family Christian Assembly Where Hallelujah is our everyday language. Our mission is to reach out to people from all walks of life with the Gospel and reminding them of the power of Jesus Christ to restore broken lives. At Love Family Christian Assembly, we believe that God has a purpose for everyone and to discover this purpose, we must draw closer to Him. Through studying His Word, our destiny can be revealed to us who inevitably can change any circumstances in our lives. We are very committed to assist you in reaching a higher level of spirituality and find your purpose in life mainly through persistency and constant prayer to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. We invite you to take the first step in changing your life by joining us in this vibrant, exciting and family oriented Ministry. With the special anointing of prayer, healing and Prophetic, we can become a blessing to you and your household. Give us the opportunity to serve and show you the way to eternal life.
Specialty (ies) : Spiritual Warefare, Deliverance, Praise & Worship, Prayer Night, Bible Study and Teachings
Address :
10763 135th Street
Surrey - V3T 4C8
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-951-6330 : 604-951-6330
Fax : 604-951-6330 : 604-951-6330
Email : :
Website : :

Pentecostal Tabernacle

Business Description : Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

It is our prayer that our church family will aid in some measure to point you to the Savior of the world – Jesus Christ; and also help you on your journey to maturity as you fulfill His purpose for your life.

At our church you will find a multicultural bunch of people (from the new born babe to our golden and treasured seniors), who are warm, sincere and passionate about the Cause of Christ.

We are always improving our ministries to minister to you more effectively. From the moment you walk thru our doors to the time you leave the sanctuary it is our mandate to usher you into the presence of God and then to connect with you outside of the structured building to ensure we are fitly framed together as God’s body and Church.

May your life be even more enriched with the mercies and favor of Almighty God as we look for His appearance.

Pastor David & Karen Drysdale
Specialty (ies) : Ministries, Worship, Praise, Evangelism
Address :
3891 Kingsway
Burnaby - V5H 1Y5
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-584-5504 : 604-584-5504
Fax : 604-584-5504 : 604-584-5504
Email : :
Website : :
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