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Action Committee Against Violence

Business Description : ACAV developed the capacity to identify emerging needs in the community, and has led a coordinated response to those needs. As part of that, we have Current Services within the community to assist you and your needs. These services will be updated on a weekly basis in order to keep the community in the know!
The mission of the Action Committee Against Violence is to work towards a violence free community.
The roles of the Action Committee Against Violence are to:
Promote Coordination of services
Determine needs
Act as a catalyst
Encourage community involvement
Speak out against violence
Provide information and resources
Specialty (ies) : The Action Committee Against Violence
Address :
Suite 306, 301-14th Street NW
Calgary - T2N 2A1
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 403-283-3013 : 403-283-3013
Fax : 403-283-3780 : 403-283-3780
Email : :
Website : :

African Canadian Continuing Education Society

Business Description : The mission of ACCES is to help young Africans obtain the skills and education needed to benefit themselves and their society. The work of the Society is be based on these principles:
Respect for another culture: ACCES will not seek to change or interfere with another culture.
Sustainability: ACCES strives to help other people to help themselves.
Gender equality: ACCES programs will provide equal opportunity to female and male persons.
Administration: 100% of donations to ACCES for its programs are used for these programs. Funds needed for administration are raised by the ACCES Board by other means.
ACCES Mission Statement History Scholarship Program
Specialty (ies) : ACCES, LIFA, SAIPE, CAAA, CIDA, RIEF
Address :
#402-411 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver - V6E 1XE
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-688-4880 : 604-688-4880
Fax : 604-254-1100 : 604-254-1100
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : The African Fair Trade Society is a socially conscious organization that imports the highest quality Shea or Karite Butter from West Africa. This Shea Butter is sold in health stores and online and is used to help employ hundreds of West African women, which in turn helps them to support their families and themselves. Currently the African Fair Trade Society is helping to provide employment for women living in villages in Senegal and Guinea.

Poverty is an enormous and complex problem. To properly fight poverty and help build sustainable communities in West Africa, the African Fair Trade Society deals directly with communities using traditional rulers, village heads and town unions. They make policies that have a direct bearing on poor people, especially those living in rural areas. By dealing directly with communities, funds will go directly to people who need them the most.

Specialty (ies) : Shear Butter/Berre de Karite.Packaged in Canada
Address :
Box 118-2646 E. Hastings
Vancouver - V5K 1Z6
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-338-5346 : 604-338-5346
Fax : 604-251-5343 : 604-251-5343
Email : :
Website : :

Coalition of African Communities in BC

Business Description : The CAC was formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2006.
Our aim is to empower and amplify the voices of the African community in British Columbia for the betterment of the whole community. As such, CAC will work to overcome barriers that divide the African community and help present a unified voice on behalf of all Africans in BC and beyond.

Specialty (ies) : Social Economic, Cultural Well Being of African
Address :
3333 Kingsway Avenue
Vancouver - V5R 5K6
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 778-865-2767 : 778-865-2767
Fax : 778-865-2767 : 778-865-2767
Email : :
Website : :


Business Description : Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, in the developing world and in the developed world alike.
It is well understood that poor, uneducated children grow up to be poor, uneducated adults. A lack of health care, and stimulating environment lowers children's ability to learn for the rest of their lives.
Poverty is thus both a cause and an effect if insufficient access to or completion of quality education. Children of poor families are less likely to enroll in and complete schooling because of the associated costs of attending school even when it is provided "FREE". The Cost of uniforms, supplies and transportation may well be beyond the means of a poor family, especially when the family has several children of school age.

* PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO : REST INTERNATIONAL and send it to the address below.
Address :
Rest International,
c/o Ghana Consul General
Suite 108-6741 Cariboo
Burnaby - V3N 4A3
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-230-8659 : 604-230-8659
Fax : : NaN
Email : :

Multicultural Helping House Society

Business Description : We are a registered non-profit society dedicated to helping newcomers individuals and families to integrate into the community. We believe in empowering individuals to become contributing members of Canada by providing orientation, training and other programs that will help them enter the workforce.

We especially assist those who are disadvantaged because of language barriers, income, or circumstances beyond their control. We work in partnership with other community organizations in British Columbia to meet the needs of newcomers and all immigrants.
Specialty (ies) : Helping Newcomers Succeed in Canada
Address :
4802 Fraser Street, (corner 32nd Ave.)
Vancouver - V5V 4H4
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-879-3277 : 604-879-3277
Fax : 604-879-3327 : 604-879-3327
Email : :
Website : :

National Congress of Black Women Foundation

Business Description : The National Congress of Black Women Foundation is a registered charity that promotes and facilitates activities and model programs which foster advancement, recognition, health and education of black women and their families through funding and research.
Through UMOJA we, in partnership with other organizations and individuals who support in principle our goals and objectives of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS infection and enhancing the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. In Lower Mainland we adopt effective and appropriate strategies that promote better health preservation and prevention through education.
Our mission is to actively participate in the development of open dialogue with our communities to ensure that services are treated in a confidential and non-judgmental manner.
Specialty (ies) : Charity, Fundraising, Community Unity
Address :
208-5066 Kingsway
Burnaby - V5H 2E7
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 604-605-0124 : 604-605-0124
Fax : 604-605-0171 : 604-605-0171
Email : :
Website : :

The Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society

Business Description : The Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society was created due to the perceived need of the countries of the Caribbean needing better quality healthcare.
(CJMAS) is a non-political, multi-racial, non-profit,
non-governmental organization whose goals are:
* To work with partner groups/organizations on the Island of Jamaica
* To establish and support basic health care and services on the Island of Jamaica
* To provide educational opportunities for needy communities on the Island of Jamaica.
The Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society was incorporated in 1992 under the British Columbia Society Act to assist hospitals in the Caribbean providing equipment, supplies and volunteer personnel. The "Purposes" of the CJMAS as set out in the constitution were amended on July 12, 1997 to include "Educational" assistance.
Specialty (ies) : Medical Assistance, Quality Healthcare
Address :
British Columbia
Burnaby -
British Columbia, Canada
Phone : 778-839-7482 : 778-839-7482
Fax : : NaN
Email : :
Website : :
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